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Spring Meeting: April 3rd @ Otto’s

Hello homebrew fellows!

We have our new meeting place set: Our hosts will be Charlie Schnable and Chris Brugger at Otto’s Pub and Brewery. We’ll meet on Wednesday, April 3rd at 6pm at the Firkin’ Bar  on the left side. At our last meeting at Elk Creek we called for a Pale Ale meeting so bring a few bottles of it so we can taste it and can get feedback from the experts. However, no pressure to bring some! This is optional and for those of you who want some qualified feedback
On that note I want to announce/remind that we are calling for a PILS meeting for the summer meeting in ~June (TBA). Since it will take more time to get-r-done I want to give everyone already a heads up now. 3…2…1…brew!

We want to encourage anyone out there who is interested in starting brewing, beginners & experts to come out to Otto’s and meet other fellows. We are an open club of normal people who simply care just a little more about beer than the regular Anheuser-Busch drinker 😉

Thanks to Denis this time for organizing this meeting.

Hope to see you there! Cheers, Jens Breffke


January Meeting

Hello fellow blackhoperatives!

We’ve had two meetings to date.  Slow and steady is winning this race.  For instance, we have an awesome throw-down challenge (that Jens has facilitated) for our upcoming January meeting.  Jens arranged for a bulk buy of base malt, and we’re currently brewing our best stouts for comparison in classic Meade-hall style. However, if you weren’t part of the bulk order, you are still invited to bring your best stout (or other style) to the upcoming meeting!

Our friendly competition will hopefully take place at the Elk Creek Cafe, but we need to firm up some details to make it happen.  Jens posted this to the forum, and if you are interested in coming he needs to have your commitment to finalize plans with Tim.  Please take a minute to reply to him (either via email or message board) for a reserved seat, but also with a vote for menu or group buffet.

Jens wrote: “Hi home brew fellows. As we agreed on at the last meeting we’ll have a stout meeting in January. I got base malt for some of us. (Eric & Dustin – I still have your share). I would still have 10 lbs spare if someone interested!?
Meeting location: I talked to Tim Yarrington (aka Brewer-Tim) at Elk Creek Cafe and they would be happy to host our meeting. We would get an exclusive tour in his brewery and we could do (limited) amounts of home brew stout testing and Tim would give feedback on our brews. However, they have a business to run and would want us to eat and drink off their menu when we are there. We could have a pre-paid buffet or eat a la carte with individuals paying as usual. Question for the club members is now: Elk Creek meeting Yes/No and if so, $20 pre-paid food buffet (+drinks) or all off the menu individually?
Proposed date: Wednesday, January 23, 7:00pm”


Fall Meeting: Saturday November 3rd.

Hello Everyone!

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, November 3rd.

(I’ll send an email to the list with my address.)

Bring a beer to share and a glass to taste from.

We still have the option of pressing some cider from apples, weather permitting.  The press yields about 1 gallon per bushel of fruit.  Please email me if you are interested in bringing apples to press by email.

Upcoming Events and Sundry Announcements!

Last Saturday rocked.  The beer, picnic food, and shop-talk-know-how were all great.

We’ll be having our next meeting at my place sometime in late October.  The plan is to press some apples for hard cider, if the harvest allows for it.  (I have access to an A-frame press.  We can reasonably expect to press 5 bushels of apples in 3-4 hours.  Average yield on this press is approximately 1 gallon per bushel.)

That’s pretty soon in terms of brewing, so we decided not to try for a specific style for this meeting.  However, we should decide on a theme for our Winter meeting, which will happen sometime in December or January.

Used Equipment:  I’ve added an area on the boards for selling / trading equipment.

Bulk Ordering:  Still in the works.

See the forums for a poll regarding the date, a thread where we can discuss the theme for the Winter meeting, and the equipment thread.

First Meeting, Saturday August 25th 2012!!!

Hello everyone!
Thanks for voting for our club name! We are officially the Centre County Black Hops Unit.  That makes us the toughest brewclub in town.

This is our new web home.  Because we’re using a free blog + message boards, we won’t be able to integrate the two together seamlessly. I know it is a little ugly, but I wanted to get our community interaction up on the web as quickly / cheaply as possible.

To get to the message board, where most of the conversation will happen, click on the link on the right hand side of the page.  You’ll need to register an account, but at least we’ll be able to talk together about important info as a group.

– Our first meeting will be Saturday, August 25th.  This is NEXT Saturday!

Katherine Watt’s House
156 W. Hamilton Ave., State College
3-5 p.m.
Potluck.  Bring a little picnic-type food to share, and a plate!

–  I’ve started looking around for bulk deals on malt for the club.  If you know a good place to buy malt that will give good bulk prices, let me know in the forums!

And of course, special thanks to Katherine for inviting us to her place!